Known Issue: VMWare Updates esx-base (2072653)

Affected Product

  • Nervepoint Access Manager installs taken from our prebuilt VMs OVA and OVF formats

VMware released patch 2072653 on February 27th 2014 for ESXi 5.1 which updates esx-base VIB to resolve the issue where virtual machines using the E1000/E1000E adapter might lose network connectivity. Currently anyone running Nervepoint Access Manager installed from one of our VMs will experience lost of service after applying this patch. We are working to try and resolve this error in the meantime we recommend that you do not apply this patch but in the event you need to please refer to the below workaround.

NOTE: Any installations from out LiveCD ISO are not affected


If you are on a 1.1 release you need to update to the 1.2 release by contacting our support team who should be able to do this for you.

Release 1.2 provides a backup facility before applying the ESXi patch make a backup of your Nervepoint Access Manager server by navigating to Configuration->System->Back and Restore and hitting Backup Now!

With the saved configuration you can now apply the patch to your ESXi server and upon restarting if Nervepoint Access Manager does not start you will need to reinstall the product again from the LiveCD ISO and after applying your license restore the backup made earlier.
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