How does Password Self-Service help to take the pressure off the Help Desk Team?

IT departments are under continued pressure from the business as a whole because approximately 50% of all IT help desk enquiries tend to be about password reset or unlocking of an account. Naturally, this creates a huge amount of unnecessary pressure on IT staff, having to deal with such a mundane issue that in theory can be sorted by an individual, if they had the correct software in place – which is where Password Self-Service comes into play.
Introducing Password Self-Service software within an organisation’s IT infrastructure can help to lessen pressure across the company, as well as helping to reduce help desk operating hours.
Implementing a Password Self-Service software, in its simplest form within an organisation can enable a user to reset or unlock their Access Directory (AD) password, through a process of answering a number of authentication challenges to verify who you say you are such as answering a few personal questions, such as Mothers’ maiden name, favourite football team, favourite colour and so forth, and/or a time limited token sent only to your mobile phone granting only you permission. When thinking about cost and effectiveness, a software such as Password Self-Service is perfect.
So how does it work…?
Surprisingly, the process is quite simple. The user merely has to register their user directory such as Active Directory, Linux or LDAP with the software, select and provide answers to the authentication challenges to identify themselves; these answers are then encrypted securely and stored in a database, for when they may need it.
What happens if a member of the team forgets their password?
They will simply need to:
• use a desktop plugin
• use a mobile app
• access another PC
So once they have successfully answered the security questions (in line with the organisation’s password complexity policy), they are good to go and there wasn’t even any IT intervention!
The introduction of Password Self-Service within the company will make a positive impact across the business, as it not only relieves the IT team from this task, it also empowers your staff to help themselves in a situation where they have forgotten their password and cannot access their work. Additionally, this means no help desk tickets need to be raised therefore saving precious time for both the IT team and general staff alike.
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