Welcome to LogonBox

Welcome to LogonBox

Get Started with LogonBox

Thanks for checking out LogonBox! We wanted to point you to the best ways to get started with your download.

In our experience most users successfully start using LogonBox with these simple steps:

Step 1


Installation of the virtual machine requires a hypervisor, ESXi, HyperV or any other. Choose the installation instructions below. If your VM server is not listed choose ISO

Choose Hypervisor Installation Steps

Step 2

Familiarising Yourself with the UI

After the installtion of your VM it's time to look around the UI from the user interface to the admin interface

Familiarise with User Portal Familiarise with Admin Portal

Step 3

Connect Your Active Directory

LogonBox can connect to a number of different user directories, the most popular directory is Active Directory.

Learn how to connect to Active Directory Take a look at other directories