How the LogonBox Authenticator Makes Windows Login More Secure

Windows two-factor authentication

Introduction As organizations strive to improve security, they often overlook the most critical asset in their network – the users. Passwords have long been the primary authentication method, but they are no longer secure enough on their own. There are many reasons why passwords are insecure. One of the most common is that modern computers […]

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Protecting Your VPN with MFA

vpn remote working

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a great way of providing remote access to internal office resources. By creating a private encrypted tunnel, remote users can access resources in the office network. However, organizations that rely on just a username and password to log into their VPN connections could be putting their company at risk if […]

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An Overview of Yubikey Two Factor Authentication

The password is arguably the most popular and most common security measure available and yet can be the most vulnerable if not managed securely. Passwords, for example, do not provide a reliable identity check, verifying that the person using the password is the owner. A hacker who manages to steal your password can directly access […]

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How To Reduce Identity Theft with Multi-factor Authentication

How secure is your identity? Can you say with certainty that your passwords cannot be hacked? Admittedly this is a hard question to answer, nothing is ever certain despite best efforts, but what we can do, is apply best efforts. Your identity (who you are, what you do, what you access) whether it is accessing […]

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