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Free VPN virtual appliance

The Need for Remote Working Q2 2020 changed everything for almost everyone on the planet, and brought businesses to their knees and changed peoples perception of cybersecurity. As companies have transitioned to home offices, virtual communication has become a necessity, remote work has soared, and IT professionals are facing additional security challenges, with an increase […]

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Home working: 5 Essential Cybersecurity Issues Every Business Needs to Manage

The disruption caused by Covid-19 has created a massive shift in priorities for almost everybody on the planet. Businesses are having to adapt to a home-based workforce, repositioning infrastructure and services to continue operating. In this post, we look at some of the significant business issues IT teams should be thinking about and provide some […]

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How to Support Remote Workers During the Coronavirus Crisis [COVID-19]

Cloud infrastructure

Every day, people and businesses rely on our services to keep the workforce productive. But in times like these, it’s even more critical for us to keep things running smoothly – and we’re working hard to do that. We understand that organisations need to keep business as usual while the entire workforce adjusts to working […]

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The Easy Way to HIPAA Compliant Password Security

When a data breach occurs, the loss of personally identifiable information can be very costly not only as an inconvenience but can lead to identity theft with greater ramifications. In the healthcare sector such as hospitals, doctor surgeries, the consequences can be even graver considering the sensitive nature of the data. In general, the healthcare […]

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Eliminate Password Reset Tickets to Increase Profits

Password reset accounts for the highest number of tickets helpdesk staff deal with; managed service providers (MSP) live and die by how well they can manage these tickets. Whether it’s for an application, system account, or the account has been locked, customers repeatedly require their password to be reset or unlocked. As a business scales […]

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Get More Done with Automations

Businesses of all sizes continually seek ways to increase efficiency and profitability in all areas of their organisation — everything from general operations to cybersecurity. Automation provides a means to deliver on that requirements by integrating into processes and performing tasks consistently. What is automation Automation enables a business to carry out tasks which would […]

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IT Support in Higher Education

Introduction Your aim is to deliver best-in-class support to all stakeholders, from students to faculty but with dwindling IT budgets and strained resources the service desk needs to consider technology without the enterprise-level price tag. With tech-savvy stakeholders managing and providing IT support has become more of challenge – on one hand, you need to […]

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Build a Best-in-Class Service Desk

MSP service desk increasing operational efficiencies

Increase operational efficiency of your service desk with these six principles and take your service provider business to the next level For the managed services provider (MSP), service desk capabilities play a critical role in the level of service that customers receive and the degree to which those services are delivered efficiently and profitably. In […]

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