Extending Self Service Capabilities to Mobile

Mobile devices have become so entrenched in our way of living that most of us would have withdrawal symptoms if we forgot to take our mobile phones with us on a visit to the local supermarket. We carry everything from personal to business information – in fact in many businesses today you are given a phone over a company car.

Dependent on Mobility

Mobile devices have given us so much flexibility than ever before, we are no longer tied to the four walls of our office space or to a single geographical location we can do business anywhere in any place. With so many businesses spread across the globe mobility has become vitally important and if you can’t read your emails, view documents, carry out your day to day tasks you are looking at a lot of wasted hours.
It becomes that much more important that identity access solutions, password self service solutions need to cater for mobility. Imagine working off site and needing to access certain documents remotely, we already know that password problems account for the highest number of help desk calls. If you cant access what you need because you have forgotten your credentials or your password needs changing, not only do you lose productivity till IT support get around to you, but if on a customer site, customers lose some confidence in your organisations professional abilities.

Fundamental Component of Business

IT operations are all working around the clock to service its employees, its unfortunate if business users can not utilise these services 24/7 because of password problems.
Passwords are such a fundamental part of any IT system now that it’s a must for any organisation to provide their employees with a means of overcoming password problems without IT intervention.
This is supported by a recent round of interviews we completed, one of the issues that came up was the need for password self service and identity services to be mobile; to provide a way to easily, natively, carry out basic end user actions such as password resets to help keep employees operational with so many now working on the move.

Mobile Self Service app

This feedback became the catalyst for Access Manager mobile the first native iPhone app for end user self service. Business users no matter where they are now have the ability to change their password remotely, reset a forgotten password, unlock accounts, manage their profiles and with the next release administrators will be able to manage their entire systems all remotely through their mobile device.
LogonBox Password Self Service