Free Identity Management Apps

Christina Goggi on TalkTechtome has a dizzying list of free must have apps for any hardworking sysadmin. To complement this here is a list of some free Identity apps that can relieve even the busiest of admin from some of the more mundane tasks looking after a company’s infrastructure.
Nervepoint Access Manager Self Service
This first release is an Identity Self Service product for Active Directory. Its prime purpose is to enable end user password resets and account unlocking. Its second purpose is to be simple, easy and painless; it comes as a VM image, auto detects your AD and provides a simple clean interface and dashboard for admins.
Quest Identity Manager for Unix
Ever wondered how to manage those employees that don’t follow the company standard and use Windows but choose Unix instead ? Well Quest Soft provides a neat tool to help. Identity Manager for Unix enables admins to manage those pesky Unix and Mac users. It has a nice reporting page so you can keep an eye on them too.
ManageEngine AD Manager
This app provides user and group management for AD, however unlike Nervepoint Access Manager this app is limited to 100 AD objects only. It comes bundled with a 30 day trial of their pro version to try and coax you into handing over your money but If you can live with that then this is also a nice app with some nice reports.
What about entire Identity Suites ?
After the amalgamation of Sun IdM with Oracle you will be hard pressed to find an entire IdM or IAM suite absolutely free and to be honest with the complexity and size of these things you can understand why.
Hopefully some of these will be useful to you
LogonBox Password Self Service