This is a post about our overall strategy with the beta version of the Nervepoint Access Manager Self Service (NAMSS) – why we’re doing a beta, what we plan to accomplish from it, and how we’re getting it done.
At Nervepoint our sole focus over the last several weeks has been to build a beta group of the most awesome system admins, technical engineers and users in the world to try NAMSS before we make it generally available – but why you may ask?
We want to use feedback from real users to build the product and we want to do it as soon as humanly possible. By giving out a beta release before it’s ready for prime time we can learn from our beta users and make sure we’re building the best product for them.
Accelerating the process
We want to put the beta in the hands of the most influential people first. People such as you who can not only use the product, but tell a whole bunch of people about it.
We’re are blown away by the response already, there are some amazing and helpful people out there. So thank you to all of you.
We want to make Identity and Access applications that are accessible to smaller businesses focused on the things that matter to them. We still have a long way to go.
So if you havent already, download the app and get using it. The forums are open for your feedback.
Thanks for all your help
Nervepoint Tech Team
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