Has the 5 million Gmail password hack affected you?

On Wednesday, many technology websites and blogs broke the news that hackers leaked around 5 million stolen Gmail account details to a Russian Bitcoin forum. This follows similar leaks of account data from popular Russian web services, so is there room to be concerned?
Understandably, this has caused huge outrage and worry amongst users of the popular email service (which is in excess of 500m users across the world). However, Google have confidently stated the danger has been greatly exaggerated and in a blog in response to this attack, Google have stated ‘”We found that less than 2% of the username and password combinations might have worked,”. So is there room for concern?
There’s always room for concern, when it’s to do with password protection and any kind of password hack should automatically make you change your password; just in case, simply because you won’t want to become victim to these vicious hackers. Additionally, since many people utilise their emails and passwords on other websites, this can allow hackers to gain unauthorised access.
So the moral of the story is, if you’ve not changed your password in a long time, change it. If you’ve been meaning to change your password, there’s no time like the present.
You’re always better safe than sorry!
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