Why does my company need self-service password reset?

Wikipedia has defined self-service password reset as “any process or technology that allows users who have either forgotten their password or triggered an intruder lockout to authenticate with an alternate factor, and repair their own problem, without calling the help desk”. Simply put, self-service password reset allows you to manage your password through answering pre-set authentication questions without seeking the assistance of the help desk team.
Any organisation that manages multiple users and their accounts will find self-service password reset a positive investment for their company. The automated system allows users with the ability to reset their password through answering pre and self-set security credentials. As there is no need to contact the help desk, implementing password self-service will save both time and resources for both IT team and the end user.
This ability to self-resolve forgotten passwords clearly an advantage, however, it’s not the only positive factor to consider:

  • Flexibility: A self-service password reset tool can allow your staff to be flexible, for example, it is not location dependant, therefore making it more secure for both the employee and company regardless of whether they are in or out of the office.
  • Increased Security: the software can enable you to set up ‘standards’, to which your employees will need to adhere to in terms of password security etiquette so gone are the days of ‘Qwerty’ ‘Password’ or even ‘123456’. Additionally, Password Self Service can ensure high levels of security regarding your users’ accounts. If there is any suspicious activity users can resolve it immediately and without delay, which may compromise security.
  • Reduction in help desk tickets: Computerworld has identified that around 30% of help desk calls are in relation to forgotten passwords. Therefore, by having a system that eradicates this; it will naturally result in a reduction in the number of help desk tickets that are generated.
  • Return on Investment: Having less calls going through the help desk will undoubtedly result in an overall cost saving.
  • Staff Deployment: through integrating password self-service, you are able to deploy your IT staff in other areas of development, which would be more productive and will add more value to the overall business.

Through introducing password self-service within a business, it is clear about the advantages it brings along with it. Implementing password self-service will help your business flourish, as resources can be allocated more efficiently in terms of cost and workflow.
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