Identity Management Pre-Release 3

We are pleased to announce that the third public release of our 1.2 beta stream is now available. If you have a valid 1.1 license you can use this and run it alongside your 1.1 deployment to preview the new features if not you can still download the 1.2 BETA and evaluate it fully for 30 days hassle free.

What’s new in Beta 3

1.2 Beta 3 has focused on adding new options for Directory connections and Provisioning, improving the speed of Directory actions such as creation and deletion, and improving access on mobile devices.
Here is a full list of the key features in this release:

  • 879 Added support for group filtering
  • 831 Added support for multiple admins
  • 880 Added google apps connector
  • 881 Added office365 connector
  • 882 Added deliminated file connector
  • 883 Increased AD attributes in provisioning

Issues resolved

  • 773 Change at next logon is not respected when recaptcha is in place
  • 802 Dashboard needs to run on server startup
  • 803 Backup job has no cancel button
  • 804 Cannot run multiple syncs
  • 805 Added progress information to backup jobs
  • 806 Repetitive pressing of buttons can cause an error
  • 809 Linking secondary to primary shows incorrect users
  • 812 OU requires checking before account approval accepted
  • 813 Attempting to reset a password via mobile gives an error
  • 815 Support for passphrase and pin change in mobile
  • 822 QR codes need to update when External URL is updated
  • 824 Directory connection error during install incorrectly takes user back to Step 1
  • 825 Using ‘Update you account’ mobile option wipes previously set details
  • 827 Multiple Password Change options need reordering
  • 828 AX400 hardware appliance synchronisation issue
  • 836 Error when using wipe all answers option in Questions
  • 843 Seeing duplicate account in notification email
  • 845 SMS module throws error when added to login process
  • 846 Checking checkboxes in directories wipes input field content
  • 848 Disable account slider sometimes slides back and does not execute
  • 852 Confirmation screen for update account on mobile shows il8n keys
  • 872 Directory management needs to be more efficient
  • 874 Drag and drop a new authentication module after validation causes an error
  • 875 Login Fails when PIN using Random Digits is configured


Downloading 1.2 Beta

You can download 1.2 Beta from the Downloads page on our website at
Documentation, Helpdesk articles, and Videos can be found at the following places:



To share your feedback, thoughts, issues just email the usual channel:
We’re looking forward to hearing what you think.
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