Is Outsourcing IT A Good Idea?

Security is an important part of any business and ensuring that the business is fully protected can be a very time consuming job, this is especially the case when organizations are not willing to expand and trust external security providers, thus most of their IT work is allocated to the in-house IT department. These tasks can inundate the IT department especially when they are already stretched to their limits from simple IT problems that employees are capable of doing if they were given the freedom and responsibility to do so.
Outsourcing security can be one of the most contemporary forms of dealing with IT problems. Ensuring that the security of the business is allocated to the correct vendor, organizations can be diligent and careful about who they choose, and a determination of this can be which provider best fits their needs and requirements according to the security model and the vendor’s capability of providing effective security.
A key attribute to acknowledge would be automation, although businesses can outsource, setting up automations are highly effective when a task has to be completed which does not require a highly skilled IT individual. Thus, IT experts are freed up for tasks that require their skill and businesses can greatly benefit from outsourcing without compromising on security.

The problem that every business faces

The most common problem that every business encounters and can be easily solved is password resets. A review of passwords by HIPAA found that passwords need to be stronger to overcome any sort of cyber-attack. Along with strong passwords, a few other recommendations was to frequently change passwords, not to create passwords that have been used before, increase the length of the password and to build strong passwords that have a combination of upper and lower cases.
As a result, passwords have become stronger but have simultaneously increased the work for every IT department as there are more individuals forgetting their passwords. A Gartner estimate shows that 20% to 50% of all help desk calls are for password resets and Forrester estimates that the average help desk labour cost for a single password reset is $70.
A solution to this is outsourcing password resets to vendors who are effectively capable of providing this service because such IT issues can significantly burden the in-house IT department and can be very time consuming when having to deal with problems that can be outsourced and solved effortlessly.
Hypersocket Access Manager is proud to help such businesses around the globe solve their security and password problems, helping to take off the additional pressure on the helpdesk. Every employee is able to access and reset their passwords from various devices as Access Manager supports Windows, Mac as well as mobile phones. Furthermore, it is also automated making is hassle-free for the end user and admin. Access Manager operates as a Virtual Machine on the network so only requires an installation on the VM infrastructure.
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