The LogonBox 2.4.2: A Brief Guide

This release contains several improvements to help streamline the set-up of the appliances as well as some key bugs and user interface improvements.

If you have any questions about the changes and how they may impact your deployment, please contact our support team by raising a support ticket.


  • Usernames and Authentication Flow names are now clickable links that take you directly to that resource’s edit action.
  • Changed bulk action icons above the user list to differentiate them better, grouped delete and undelete.
  • Added a new bulk reset action on the users’ page for Reset Profiles
  • Combined the Actions, Delete and Copy actions next to resources into a new Ellipsis menu. 
  • Added client-side validation to email and mobile feeds on the user’s My Profile->My Details->Details tab.
  • The authenticator reset options moved to the profile tab on the expanded user view.
  • Overhaul of messaging to ensure a working SMS and Email OTP provider is available out of the box.
  • The default SMS provider is now “LogonBox Cloud”.
  • New Email OTP option to “Send through LogonBox Cloud”.
  • Added configure Active Directory to the setup wizard.
  • Added configure Cloud Messaging section to the setup wizard.
  • Secure Node setup now has the opportunity to configure a connection to your Active Directory.
  • TOTP Authenticators (Google, Microsoft, Authy) added to the My Credentials section.
  • Portal Banner now has the same formatting options as Logon Banner.
  • The new IP Flow authenticator allows you to automatically direct users to different authentication flows based on their remote address.

LogonBox Directory Changes

  • Added Samba support for LDAP connections, specifically to support Synology NAS boxes, but should help any NAS wanting to use LogonBox Directory via LDAP.

LogonBox VPN Changes

  • MSI version of the Windows Installer is now available from the user’s dashboard when logged in.


  • We fixed an issue where the second-level menu items would turn bold on a narrow-width display.
  • The LogonBox logo was not aligned correctly.
  • The warning text on the Appearance tab has been made clearer by darkening the font and changing the Information icon to a Warning one.
  • Duo redirect causes 500 errors.
  • Password History is not honoured when using AD 2019.
  • Upon authentication, cookies regenerate the session ID to reduce any likelihood of session fixation vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed i18n text for AD Connection protocol (SSL/Plain).
  • Fixed an issue with Secure Node downloads not working from the hyperlink on the name.
  • HTTP sessions now invalidate after some time to fix a potential memory leak.
  • reCAPTCHA authentication fixed.
  • Concurrent session notification now works for normal users rather than just admins.