LogonBox VPN 2.3.15


The LogonBox team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of LogonBox VPN 2.3.15. This release includes performance fixes in the web UI and a few bugs.

Performance Improvements

In this release, we have optimized several database calls. Many database queries were taking a few seconds each. These queries are in use on many pages, which results in slow page load times (sometimes several seconds).

After the changes, these same queries run too fast to get accurate timing information when benchmarking.

These optimizations have resulted in pages loading up to 10 times faster than before (notably the Tenants/Realms pages), but this has also had a positive effect in many other areas, which should give a snappier feel to the whole UI in general.

Subject Alternative Name (SAN) support added to SSL certificates

When creating a new certificate, your CN will automatically add a SAN entry for better compatibility with CAs. There is a new SAN field to allow you to add any number of extra SAN hosts.

This feature should give broader compatibility with more certificate authorities as many now require a SAN entry to be present in the CSR you send to them.

VPN Client provides more information when there is a certificate error

When you’re using a self-signed SSL certificate or there is a certificate error, the client now provides some more details on the certificate error.

Upgrade Instructions

You can upgrade either from the web UI or the operating system directly.

To upgrade from the web UI, log on with your admin account, navigate to Server Status from the main dashboard and click Update. You may also be prompted for this automatically on login if you have Updates, Features & Licensing->Update Prompt turned on.

To upgrade from the operating system:

From a shell, type in:

apt update

apt upgrade.


Here is a summary of the changes in this release.


  • Optimizing database queries has made significant improvements to UI page load performance.
  • Subject Alternative Name (SAN) support added to SSL certificates. 
  • VPN client provides more feedback regarding certificate errors.


  • UI elements should no longer duplicate if you click on a different menu while editing a resource.
  • Fixed a memory leak in web UI sessions.
  • Updates download progress bar width fixed to remove unwanted horizontal scrollbar.
  • Changed several message template text items where ‘login’ is now the more correct ‘log in’.
  • Fixed Header Logo URL, which uses the value defined in Appearance->Brand->URL again.
  • SSL connections with the LDAP directory connector are working again
  • If SSL Strict Trust mode is enabled, the ‘Trust SSL Certificate’ prompt now correctly saves the choice rather than prompting forever