Overcoming Security Challenges With Role-Based Access


Hypersocket Password Manager’s role-based access provides secure and robust management of permissions to ensure each employee has access to the right application.

An administrator can assign individual users to chosen resources by creating a role for each user, enabling an organized approach to application assignment. The admin has complete control over who has access to what resource and just as an assignment can be assigned, a user can have his access revoked by simply removing the user from the role.

With pre-configured roles like everyone and admin Hypersocket Password Manager provides the groundwork allowing organizations to create a structured roles policy mimicking the organizational structure or AD structure. This mapping enables a more realistic working environment and something all IT staff can easily understand and manage going forward.

security challenges

Controlled authentication to eliminate security challenges

There is an incredible amount of time spent managing credentials resulting in greater security risk and in some business, greater dependency on helpdesk. Role-based access provides the freedom for the employee to gain access to the right apps in a controlled manner so that users don’t have to remember or manually enter each authentication credential for each application increasing security and productivity.

Bringing it all together

Regardless of business size, different employees need access to different resources. Single sign-on forms a concrete platform in which the organization can flourish with seamless access to hundreds of applications, sturdy security and increased productivity levels.

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