The Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On


Walt Disney once said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” At Hypersocket, we take this motto to heart in the design of our solutions. Two core competencies to our solutions that we feel highlight this philosophy are ease of use and functionality.

Recently you’ve heard me talk about how ease of use and convenience by design are crucial elements to the success of technology platforms. Specifically, I’ve recently reminisced about the days when product reviews criticized desktop computers that were too hard to open and replace internal components, or software that was too difficult for users to navigate, select options and execute intended functions.

Arguably, just as important as ease of use, functionality is crucial in driving customer satisfaction. According to a recent article in the Huffington Post on customer satisfaction, the third most important activity in building customer satisfaction is listening to your customer and understanding their needs. At Hypersocket, we’ve done this by building easy-to-use password management solutions that are filled with the functionality and versatility our clients and customers have expressed as important traits for that type of product.

Putting It Together with Hypersocket Single Sign-On

Traditionally, password management solutions have suffered from the stigma of not offering versatility like Multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA, is a security capability that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify a user’s identity for network logins.

Hypersocket single sign-on provides flexible, secure authentication before any user can single sign-on to their applications, secure access to all your applications and network from one place. This functionality extends to providing our clients and users with the ability to configure multi-step, multi-factor authentication uniquely for each Active Directory, giving you complete end to end security.

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Hypersocket provides end user convenience by allowing them to organize the way they would like to secure their accounts. In short, this capability is accomplished by letting the end users set additional authentications as needed to each of their accounts.

In fact, authentication schemes can be configured by simply adding and then dragging the new schemes into place. If the server supports multiple different types of schemes for different access methods, Hypersocket password manager provides them the ability to choose the scheme type, as well. Nothing could be more versatile than a drag and drop process to add multi-factor authentication.

Hypersocket Password Manager Part of a Greater Community

Information Technology is a powerful enabler of ease of use. Hypersocket password manager is part of a suite of solutions built on the Hypersocket Framework (HSF), an open source project that enables rapid development of web-based JSON services with granular role-based access controls.

To become part of this thriving community, please evaluate, tweet and share this blog or any others you find helpful or interesting. And we’ll do our best to keep them coming for you!

This Blog was brought to you by Hypersocket and its CEO, Lee David Painter. With over 20 years of industry experience as a pioneer in IT Security, Lee developed the world’s first OpenSource browser-based SSL VPN (SSL-Explorer). Today Lee runs Hypersocket, a leader in virtual private network technology.
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