Resolving the Pains of Active Directory


Active Directory (AD) has been integrated within small to large businesses and thus it has become a focal point for the organisation’s network infrastructure and identity management. However, businesses are still continuously struggling with the concept of Active Directory integration even though it has proven to be a successful technological tool where many security concerns have been addressed and resolved.

A few examples of the issues businesses are facing with AD are migrating from different directories, consolidation of sprawling domains and centralizing Active Directory management. As a result, businesses are now looking for third parties to deal with AD issues.

Active Directory with Access Manager

Hypersocket Access Manager helps manage this web of accounts by connecting to each of these systems all at the same time and offering users or admins to link these disparate accounts together providing a single user account to have control over all accounts. To fulfil all areas of requirements, Hypersocket Access Manager further provides different usage options for businesses when they configure AD. These are, 1) Primary Connector, 2) Secondary Connector, 3) Helpdesk Connector, and 4) Administrator Connector.

Primary Connector: A primary directory is the main directory type where an individual will be a standard user holding a standard user account and they will be able to manage their own account.

Secondary Connector: A secondary directory allows for multiple databases and can be controlled by the primary database. Thus Access Manager will not allow users to login with their own credentials if they are from a secondary directory. Password reset and account unlock actions for these users are performed via the primary account and therefore due to the robust management of a secondary directory, there is no limit to the number of linked accounts a user can have.

Helpdesk Connector: A helpdesk directory is used to provide users with elevated permissions in order to act in a helpdesk or an internal support role. For example an IT management team is able to manage users in Access Manager to create helpdesk directory that includes only the helpdesk staff members. Thus users will be able to logon and administer from this connector and will have access to the dashboard (as seen in the image below), identities and events page seen in the administrator interface. This also provides the privilege to helpdesk users where they can unlock accounts from Access Manager Lockouts, reset passwords as well as link accounts.

active directory

Administrator Connector: the administrator directory is used to provide users with admin level permissions and control that are equal to the default admin user. Therefore, admins can completely secure the default admin user and allow the system admins to manage from their unique account.

Bringing It All Together

Hypersocket Access Manager has a few seamless steps to self-service password management built with a simple portal and sturdy security ensuring every employee is protected. What is more, Hypersocket Software support services keeps the security infrastructure current and helps you get the best out of the products.

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