Smart Authentication Can Prevent Cyber-Attacks

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As the online sphere is daily filled with digital content, it is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to manage the information they are sharing and ensuring that it is secure and safe. This could be personal data such as credit card details or social media content or assignments for work purposes. What is more, individuals are preferring to use multiple devices to connect to the virtual world, proving to be a greater risk for businesses.

Digital identities for digital businesses

The desire of individuals to adopt social, mobile and cloud technologies concurrently has extended identity boundaries for employees and consumers which is affecting the digitalisation of businesses. For today’s digital businesses, identity and access management (IAM) involves more than merely provisioning employees to corporate resources and allocating appropriate access. Identity and access management for the digital business requires a new business model which now should incorporate the ability to designate access across a variety of internal and external networks, from employees working on-premise to the remote workforce, business partners to businesses customers all need access to different types of corporate data. This also means different forms of access is used dependent on the individual and required resource.

This can become extremely risky when individuals are granted permission to access different forms of business data. It is in the hands of security and risk professionals and experts as well as the operational management team of businesses to protect a variety of sensitive resources that may be on the business accounts, whether it be on-premise or cloud based. At the same time ensuring they are safeguarding customer data from online cyber-attacks.

The risk can be measured from a recent case where University of Rochester Medical Center was fined $15,000 as a New York’s state attorney general had taken legal action against the hospital where a nurse practitioner had released patient information to her future employer without permission.

Smart authentication services

However everyone from the senior management and executives, employees to customers all need a password for each account they hold. Therefore, multifactor authentication has been one of the most prominent security option offered by Hypersocket Software. Multifactor authentication requires a second step in the procedure to authenticate access into one’s account and resultantly, verifies the individual’s identity.

Unfortunately, attackers are becoming increasingly smarter and are always trying different ways of perform cyber-attacks and thus, Hypersocket Access Manager ensures self-service password management fits the requirements of all digital businesses and digital identities. There are many different ways in which one can manage and configure authentication with Hypersocket Access Manager for robust security. The different types of authentications used for different types of applications are:


  • Reset questions (default)
  • PIN
  • Passphrase
  • OTP – One Time Password sent by email
  • OTP – One Time Password sent by SMS


  • IP Restrictions
  • Profile Check


  • reCAPTCHA by Google protects the system from spam and bots while letting your real users through with ease. Users are required to correctly input the displayed numbers or text from the image in order to pass the authentication
  • Slider CAPTCHA is a very simple yet powerful system that protects the system from bots. The user is required to slide the bar from left to right in order to prove they are a human user and not a bot to pass the authentication

Web-portal access:

  • Create Account
  • Password Reset
  • Account Unlock
  • Administration Login
  • User Portal Login

Mobile App Access:

  • Account Unlock
  • Password Change
  • Password Reset
  • User Portal Login

Windows Desktop Access:

  • Account Unlock
  • Password Reset

Bringing it all together

Hypersocket Access Manager has a few seamless steps to self-service password management built with a simple portal and sturdy security ensuring every employee is protected. What is more, Hypersocket Software support services keeps the security infrastructure current and helps you get the best out of the products.

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