Replacing Active Directory With a Cloud Directory

replace active directory with cloud directory

LogonBox Cloud Directory is an efficient and cost-effective replacement for your existing Active Directory infrastructure. Designed with multi-factor authentication and universal authorization, LogonBox Directory has one goal: to provide you with greater peace of mind. But why are organizations replacing AD with a cloud directory, and what is the appeal?

Why Active Directory?

Directory services are a vital lifeline for any organization. Active Directory, which Microsoft first introduced in 1999, has held onto its reign as the leading directory platform – primarily due to its integration with Windows, which was the OS of choice back in the late 90s, so it made sense to go with Microsoft to manage users as well.

Microsoft has slowly been losing its grip on the world of computing. With new technology such as web applications, cloud services, and Mac and Linux systems, it’s becoming increasingly tricky for Active Directory authentication to work correctly with these modern technologies resulting in IT admins having to come up with workarounds creating many headaches.

Third-party solutions have appeared to try and bridge the gap, whether identity bridges or more comprehensive IDM solutions. Still, adding more to an already complicated identity management strategy is not ideal. Solutions that claim they can help with AD are just another expense, making it difficult for admins to struggle to handle all their new responsibilities while staying up-to-date by learning about updates from different sources.

The migration to the cloud is a massive concern for AD managers. With many organizations moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud, Active Directory is more limited in what it can do without extensive planning or additional support from Microsoft-based solutions such as Azure AD, which is not a complete alternative.

With the challenges of Active Directory now clear, it’s time for admins to find a new solution. Many IT organizations are looking at LogonBox cloud Directory as an alternative that can act as their core directory service while providing vendor-neutral and platform agnostic capabilities – with some great bonuses too!

LogonBox Directory

We created LogonBox cloud Directory to be an alternative to Active Directory. The cloud directory is one of the last core pieces of IT management technology to move to the cloud. LogonBox Directory provides organizations with a centralized and standardized way to manage user identities and resource access regardless of the platform, provider, protocol, or location.

LogonBox Directory is more scalable, flexible and cost-effective. It targets small and midsize businesses to allow everyone to reap the benefits of a SaaS directory without the management and cost headaches.

The future of IT is in the cloud, and LogonBox Directory provides everything you need to manage your users. It also offers several advantages over Active Directory, such as in-built support for multi-factor authentication and Single Sign-On. If you are interested in getting a directory built for the future, give LogonBox Directory and sign up for your free tenant here.