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Free VPN virtual appliance

The Need for Remote Working Q2 2020 changed everything for almost everyone on the planet, and brought businesses to their knees and changed peoples perception of cybersecurity. As companies have transitioned to home offices, virtual communication has become a necessity, remote work has soared, and IT professionals are facing additional security challenges, with an increase […]

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Alphabet Soup: Navigating SCADA, and Industrial Control Systems and VPNs increasing importance in all of these technologies.

All the terminology is daunting. Whether, Operational Technology (OT), Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) or Internet of Things (IoT), it’s important for the C-suite of executives to understand the differences and find a way to maintain the accessibility of these technologies while complying with local regulations. One greatest common denominator […]

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The trouble with reverse proxying

One of the big use cases for having an SSL VPN is the ability to grant secure access to internal company websites to your remote users. This is generally done by reverse proxying and when it works right it’s a great way of securing your internal sites that you would rather not have directly facing […]

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