LogonBox Free WireGuard VPN Virtual Appliance

Free VPN virtual appliance

The Need for Remote Working

Q2 2020 changed everything for almost everyone on the planet, and brought businesses to their knees and changed peoples perception of cybersecurity.
As companies have transitioned to home offices, virtual communication has become a necessity, remote work has soared, and IT professionals are facing additional security challenges, with an increase in cybersecurity threats and attacks related to COVID-19.

The Solution: LogonBox VPN

Now more than ever, businesses need a way to protect their teams and enable secure remote access to company data and assets; this is why we have launched the LogonBox VPN. LogonBox VPN is a free VPN virtual appliance built on the industry-recognized WireGuard VPN.
Key features of LogonBox VPN include:

  • Active Directory integration – centrally manage remote network access to all your Active Directory users.
  • Automatic config generation – configure VPN settings with a simple UI then let LogonBox automatically generate the right WireGuard config files for each user.
  • Simple client setup using QR codes – launch WireGuard clients with the right settings with user-friendly QR codes.

A significant benefit of LogonBox VPN over WireGuard is complete end-to-end user management. From the LogonBox VPN portal, admins can use the supplied built-in user database to manage users or connect their Active Directory domain, instantly offering remote network access to all users. Admins can further manage users, their WireGuard and network access settings all through simple role-based access control. End-users can connect to their remote network by simply launching scanning a QR code or launchable pre-configured WireGuard file.


2020 has been a year to remember as we look forward remote work will remain to some degree, and businesses will need to secure employees’ access to company resources, VPNs are a great way to achieve that. Get started with the LogonBox VPN by downloading it from our website here.