Identity Management Pre-Release #2

We are pleased to announce the second public release of our 1.2 beta stream is now available. If you have a valid 1.1 license you can use this and run it alongside your 1.1 deployment to preview the new features if not you can still download the 1.2 BETA and evaluate it fully for 30 days hassle free.

What’s New in BETA 2

Here is a list of the key features in this release:
Added ability to remove account selection from end user portal
Added ability to remove contact details from end user portal
Added the ability to schedule dashboard synchronisation
Password change is now configurable
A number of bug fixes and general improvements

Downloading 1.2 Beta

You can download 1.2 Beta from the Downloads page on our website at
Documentation, Helpdesk articles, and Videos can be found at the following places:
1.2 Beta Documentation v0.1 – documentation covering key features to get you going
1.2 Forum on the Helpdesk – 1.2 specific forum on our helpdesk
1.2 Playlist on Youtube – a playlist that includes all of the videos we’ve put together for 1.2


To share your feedback, thoughts, issues just email the usual channel:
We’re looking forward to hearing what you think.
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