Identity Management Pre-Release

We are pleased to announce that the first public release of our 1.2 beta stream is now available to all our customers. You can use your existing 1.1 license and run this alongside your 1.1 deployment to preview the new features. All customers are entitled to receive the 1.2 upgrade as part of their ongoing subscription or maintenance agreement.

Why a Beta Release ?

With so many features added it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t within the confines of our humble office so its time for you to tell us what you think. What features work, which ones need improving; are there any issues we missed or features we really need to add to make things more complete. All feedback will help us build Access Manager 1.2 into a product that really works, solves key problems and hopefully satisfy you and all the other IT teams out there.

What’s New

Here is a list of the key features in this release:

  • Account Provisioning – ability to create new accounts in any directory
  • Account Workflow – add managers to oversee account provisioning requests
  • Account Approval – decide whether an account request is approved or rejected
  • Multiple Directories – connect to multiple directory servers
  • SSH Connector – connect to any SSH directory server such as Linux, Ubuntu, Solaris
  • Central Identity Management – manage all your users across various directories
  • Self Service Account Linking – allow end users to link multiple accounts under a single identity
  • Disable Accounts – disable any account in any directory
  • Reporting – filter identities and find those who still have not registered or are soon to expire and export the data
  • Change at Next Logon – users logging in with this flag enabled are now forced to set a new password
  • Multi-Format Templates – manage templates for email, mobile and browser
  • SMS OTP – configure your own SMS gateway provider
  • Upload Themes – configure themes easily for both browser and mobile interfaces
  • Browser-based Mobile Support – you can now use any mobile device without losing any of the security
  • No More Webmin – webmin features have now been integrated in to Access Manager
  • Backup and Restore – take scheduled backups and restore previous configuration

Downloading 1.2 Beta

You can download 1.2 Beta from any of the links below:


To share your feedback, thoughts, issues just email the usual channel:
We’re looking forward to hearing what you think.

What’s Next ?

This is just the first release but we hope with your feedback we can get a few more releases out before we finally make 1.2 a stable generally available release.
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