New Release Access Manager 1.1-R7

Nervepoint is proud to release the latest version of Access Manager – 1.1 R7.
In the tradition of worthwhile upgrades, R7 includes a number of key fixes the most important of which is improvements to the authentication flow UI. The UI responsiveness of moving authentication modules in and out of the flow can be very slow so we’ve gone back and improved this making it much quicker. Now UI changes occur instantly. The full list of changes in this maintenance release are shown below.

Noteable Bug Fixes

  • Fix: Authentication flow is now more responsive to user actions
  • Fix: VM management console is accessible via Internet Explorer (only new installs)
  • Fix: HTML enabled email templates save correctly
  • Fix: Captcha authentication module can be added before username
  • Fix: A number of UI compatibility issues with IE resolved
  • Fix: Question authentication scheme now handles more than 18 questions
  • Fix: Formatting issues with long question text have been resolved


To upgrade your current version simply go to the update page and click ‘Check‘ which will inform you of any available updates. Simply hit ‘Upgrade‘ to get the latest release.
The Nervepoint Team

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