Unlimited Password Reset for Your Mobile Workforce


Since mobility has become a twenty-first century phenomena, it has offered great opportunities to organisations to enhance their business and marketing strategies, allowing for a more dynamic, contemporary and flexible approach. As a result, mobility has improved customer engagements, global brand recognition, expansion of advertising methods, internal staff collaboration and most importantly, the empowerment of employees. Employees are greatly benefited from mobility as they can work while they are on the go with exclusive flexibility, especially with password reset self-service.

A recent study by Travis Bradberry represented this flexible culture of Netflix and how the company allows staff members to work remotely without having to adhere to a strict 9-5 work routine. The study showed that providing autonomy did not result in a lack of accountability but rather has increased the market cap of Netflix by $51 billion.

Mobility and technological innovation allows employees to work from various different devices such as, smartphones, tablets and laptops which also means that security is at the top of the agenda for organisations.

One of the predominant security concern for the IT department and the operations team is strong password management and a robust network infrastructure for their company. It is possible for the IT department to become inundated when mobility becomes a technological culture within the business. Forgetting passwords, resetting passwords and unlocking accounts can become a hassle for the IT department as well the employees. Furthermore, managing users in Active Directory can also be a constant job. Such issues are driving the demand for password self-service applications where employees can manage their own accounts from any device and at any time.

Password reset and IT leadership for you mobile workforce

Hypersocket Access Manager supports mobility and thus provides unlimited self-service password management and supports Active Directory demands of identity management and access control. This means users do not have to change their work routine or spend excessive time contacting the IT department to change or reset their passwords while being out of office. Access Manager also integrates password self-service with all forms of technological devices specially catering for the remote workforce.

Hypersocket Access Manager provides desktop Integration remote self-service enabling end users to self-service administer their account without leaving their Windows desktop.

Access Manager allows Mac users the ability to manage their own passwords and accounts all from a self-service web portal. Thus, users can not only manage their own accounts and reset passwords from the web portal, but can also perform password resets and account unlocks directly from the login screen. Furthermore, the Mac plugin is integrated into the Mac OS lock screen so users can authenticate themselves even if they are unable to log into their computer.

Mac screen shot

Access Manager mobile application supports Android and iPhone mobile phones where the users can reset passwords, change passwords and unlock their accounts. To complete any changes made, there will be a two-step authentication flow which will accurately verify the user’s identity.

mobile login image

Bringing It All Together

Hypersocket Access Manager has a few seamless steps to self-service password management built with a simple portal and sturdy security ensuring every employee is protected. What is more, Hypersocket Software support services keeps the security infrastructure current and helps you get the best out of the products.

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