Reducing ticket volume with self-service portals

A survey by Zendesk highlighted that before reaching out to support channels, 81% of respondents try to take care of their problem. Self-service portals empower businesses to be where their end users are, whether that is employees onsite, located across the globe, or customers, so they can resolve their issues, improving end-user and agent satisfaction […]

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Eliminate Password Reset Tickets to Increase Profits

Password reset accounts for the highest number of tickets helpdesk staff deal with; managed service providers (MSP) live and die by how well they can manage these tickets. Whether it’s for an application, system account, or the account has been locked, customers repeatedly require their password to be reset or unlocked. As a business scales […]

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Build a Best-in-Class Service Desk

MSP service desk increasing operational efficiencies

Increase operational efficiency of your service desk with these six principles and take your service provider business to the next level For the managed services provider (MSP), service desk capabilities play a critical role in the level of service that customers receive and the degree to which those services are delivered efficiently and profitably. In […]

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