Every business is a digital business with a mobile app

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Consumers of a globalized trading economy and e-commerce strongly expect and appreciate organizations to be digital businesses. As a result, mobile devices have become a contemporary form of digitalization offering a compact alternative for businesses. Companies using mobile applications can empower employees and increase productivity as apps can be used to offer quick and easy remote access to the company resources.

This is significant for companies as it attracts and promotes the need of serving and empowering employees, following a global technological trend and increasing brand awareness. Thus, no employee or consumer is immune from having an expectation to be able to use a mobile device as an alternative form of accessing company resources. The expectation of consumers arise from a digital world where they can receive and access what they would like to in their immediate context and moment of need.

However, many enterprises may still struggle to balance security and privacy concerns with the importance of user experience and business objectives of the company. A difficult security dilemma for companies is to have the appropriate level of identity and authentication practices in place without making it too difficult or inconvenient for users. Amalgamation of security and management policies allows for sturdy and trustworthy mobile usage.

Access Manager mobile app

Hypersocket Software delivers robust end-to-end security on the Access Manager mobile app. In a competitive marketplace where individuals are dealing with multiple tasks, it can become frustrating to find the nearest computer to reset a password or be one of the many helpdesk callers. The Access Manager mobile app provides password reset and account unlock allowing end users to manage their passwords remotely.

The mobile application has options for users to update their account, reset passwords, unlock accounts and change passwords, all from their mobile phone.

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Complete end-to-end security means that Access Manager will prompt for authentication and to verify end users, providing security that can nicely aligns with every business objectives and management strategies.

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The user can reset their password within a few quick and simple steps.

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Access Manager mobile app provides security and mobile management offering users an alternative option for secure password management.

The Android App is available through the Google Play store for free
The iPhone App is available through the Apple Store for free
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