Transforming Password Management In Education

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Passwords are the predominant form of authentication and yet passwords frustrate the IT department, university staff and students within the education sector. A considerable amount of time that can be devoted to high-value tasks is spent to resolve password issues. Thus, there is an excessive burden on the helpdesk as the IT staff are providing assistance to hundreds of university members concurrently, further escalating IT cost.

What is more, dealing with the internal structure of password management can become a bothersome and tedious task for university staff and students as they are having to wait for a prolonged period of time until their password request is handled by the helpdesk. This means that they cannot access any critical resources that they need, when they need it, due to their accounts being blocked.

A technological shift in education

The past few years have seen a rapid technological growth where the power has shifted from technology providers to end users. Technology is a powerful enabler, delivering and enhancing communication methods as well as becoming a profound service provider, consciously serving consumers in today’s software-fuelled modern society.

Software’s such as Access Manager self-service password management certainly empowers end users by giving them complete control of their own account. The end user experience becomes hassle-free by eliminating the constant contact with the IT department and deducting unnecessary waiting time and cost. University staff and students can change passwords, unlock accounts and reset passwords at their own accord.

Everyone is a leader

Hypersocket Access Manager makes every individual at the university a leader of password management and here is how:

Self-service portal: With Access Manager administrators can define policies that allow users to remediate identity issues themselves; updating their identities, managing and resetting passwords across systems both on-premise and in the cloud.

Easy-to-use interface: Access Manager’s interface makes tasks like changing a password very simple. Common user management experiences are integrated into the Windows desktop logon interface so users can self-service their account without never logging in.

Central account management: Access Manager enables users with multiple accounts either for on-premise or cloud systems, to manage passwords with a single Identity and from a single place.

Dynamic language: staff and students can operate Access Manager from 12 different languages available for a quick and simplified user experience.

Bringing it all together:

Hypersocket Access Manager has few seamless steps to self-service password management built with a simple portal yet sturdy security ensuring every employee is protected. What is more, Hypersocket Software support services keeps the security infrastructure current and helps you get the best out of the products.

Support services include crucial updates and upgrades and the finest technical support access to our knowledgebase articles. Customer service and success is a core value at Hypersocket and we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding customer experience. This starts with the design of our product and it extends to the way we partner with our customers during and after deployment.

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